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Thursday November 27, 2014

art1Rocky D - Monday through Friday 3pm to 6pm

Rocky D was born on the South side of Chicago, and stole his first hubcap at the age of two. After graduation from Lewis University with a BA in Professional Troublemaking, Rocky got a job with NBC in Chicago. It was there, while being the only non-liberal in the newsroom, that he quickly learned that "common sense truth" has no place in pop-culture, mainstream network news. Rocky then went on to work on air in Los Angeles, New Joisey, Orlando, Tampa and now in Charleston.


After being fired for "unfairly making fun of Bill Clinton," Rocky decided to create a radio talk show that tells the truth no matter who gets angry about it. "My Father once told me that an ugly truth is easier to deal with than a pretty lie," says Rocky. "People on the streets know a helluva lot more than the nitwits in Washington, DC, that's for sure!"


This is how a once loud-n-rowdy rock-jock monster became a talk show; RadioFree Rocky D.


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